Moral Marketing – The Advertising Conundrum

Moral Marketing

Moral Marketing – The Advertising Conundrum

When I first started Big Voice I was happy to work with anyone who quite frankly was willing to pay but it never sat right with me and I often felt torn
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By that I mean, on one hand I had the challenge that I needed to make money for myself and my family but on the other hand I didn’t feel right helping promote products and services using ‘tactics’ that preyed on people’s insecurities.
For example, a lot of advertising will aim to focus on people’s pain points, failures, or insecurities and will catastrophise situations to create fear and doubt so as they can then provide solutions to sell their product or service.
Unfortunately it works but morally its not right.
With so much anxiety, mental illness and confidence issues people have should we really be manipulating these to profit?
No we shouldn’t.
Be better.
It’s probably a large part of the reason why my own business is still a small business because I don’t feel comfortable making people feel bad about themselves so as I can sell a service.
[Steps off soapbox]
…If morality was a currency I would be loaded 😂

What do you think?

Of course this is not to say that we shouldn’t identify the problems that products and services can solve…

…but it can be done in a far more positive way than the ‘ambulance chasing’ methods some advertisers use.

If you disagree with me, then please comment, I’m always open to hear alternative views.

If however you understand where I am coming from…

…and would like to discuss a more ethical approach to promoting your business and brand using social advertising and search advertising or another form of digital ‘moral’ marketing then please do get in touch.

Thank you.

Kev – Owner of Big Voice Ltd


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