Why Facebook Ads are the Perfect Tool to Attract New Clients for your Coaching Business

When it comes to social media marketing, Facebook ads are one of the most effective tools to promote your business to a hyper targeted market –ensuring that you get the clients you need for your business in particular.

When it comes to a life coaching business, attracting the right clients can be quite the challenge in addition to the obvious lack of expertise coaches have in the marketing industry. However, through Facebook ads, this task is made much simpler. The reason why revolves around the nature of the ad itself.

The perfect Facebook ad is one that has the best balance between the intriguing image, persuasive copy and an attractive headline. When these three components have been paired up perfectly, it makes for one of the best promotional advertisements ever –one that is relevant to the kind of market that your life coaching business has to target.

The question then arises, how do these three elements help in particular?

The Image

The image that you select for your Facebook ad will be the first thing that potential clients see. When they are scrolling through their news feed, the image has to be the thing that makes them stop to look into your services further. The more appealing it is, the better your chances of getting a positive click-through-rate. Once you see that the traffic to your life coaching business website increases along with the number of signups, you will know that the image is doing its job of making people notice you.

The Copy

The next thing that prospective clients look at, after the image, is the copy that accompanies the ad. The most persuasive written copy will be able to retain the interest of the reader by conveying a message about how your services can help them achieve their personal objectives. This process only takes a few seconds and often results in a positive outcome for businesses provided that their copy is written appropriately. Through your writing, you should be able to acknowledge a prospective client’s emotions (dreams, motivators, hesitations, pain points and desires) all the while providing them with enticing solution options like blogs, reports, webinars, consultations and more.

The Headline

The last component of the Facebook ad that will truly help you attract more clients towards your life coaching business is the headline. The objective is always to attract the attention of the market and to persuade them to take some sort of action. An effective headline will go a long way is persuading people to actually sign up for a consultation or to go through your business website by incorporating various call to action phrases and the like. At the end of the day, it gives people all the information they need only in a few words; what your services are, what problems you address and the benefit that can be achieved through your proposed solutions.

The ad itself only forms one part of the entire Facebook ad campaign so its vitally important detail and consideration is also applied to objectives, budgets, targeting, optimisation, placements and re-targeting as well. An eye catching image, stand out copy and a killer headline won’t be enough to get you a steady stream of clicks, views or leads but it will definitely play a part.