Social Media Management

What’s the difference between Social Media Marketing and Social Media Management?

Social Media Marketing is simply a service whereby we discuss, create and scheduling content for your business across social media platforms to promote your products and services. When done well, your social media profiles will over time organically grow in the number of followers, gain more reach to your targeted audience and then get greater engagement such as shares, comments, like etc. However sometimes, you just need things to move faster – this is where social media management comes in…

Social Media Management is the term used to describe the overarching service to develop a social media strategy, create and schedule content and then optimise that content using social media advertising services. This is a complete service that is measured and reported on monthly to show clear gains in followers, engagement, reach and also more solid outcomes such as leads, bookings or online purchases.  

At Big Voice we provide both, so you’re in good hands.

So how does it work?

OK good question, let us explain the steps we take to ensure we can support you and provide as much value as possible.

  1. We talk with you to understand YOUR requirements and YOUR objectives for social media marketing.
  2. We gain access to all your socials and audit your existing channels.
  3. We will need comparisons to key competitors so as we can benchmark our own performance to them with a view to outshining the competition.
  4. We need to learn from you to identify key personas and ideal customers.
  5. Access and set up. We need to access your social media profiles, pages and any paid social ad accounts you have.
  6. We then spend time creating social media posts and ads for you to approve. [See image 1 – our shared approval platform]
  7. Then it’s time to build the campaign and go live!
  8. Post live – it’s all about testing, measurement, performance and optimisation. Which we report to you as agreed. [See image 2 – an example of a social media cross platform report]

What makes us different?

We believe social media management is more than simply creating and posting content. It’s a great tool to listen and interact with customers and future customers. Using social media advertising to target your ideal personas and audiences encourages engagement, brand recognition, growth and measurable gains. Social Media is a driving force to propel your business forward, you just need time to see the value it brings. 

As part of our service we will provide content services but when social media management is combined with additional services such as social advertising, SEO and search advertising the gains are significantly greater and faster.

Image 1 – Example of client approval process

Client Approval Process

Image 2 – Example of client reporting

client approval process