Social Advertising

Understanding the POWER of Social Advertising?

Social media advertising is known also by many as Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Tik Tok, LinkedIn and Twitter Ads. It’s also commonly known as Paid Media, Meta Ads or just Paid Social. Just to be clear this is not Google ads or Search advertising.

Social advertising at its very core it’s about harnessing the enormous power of the data these platforms collect daily on each person’s digital behaviour both on social media and away from it.

Without trepidation we (humans) volunteer information about our habits, preferences, relationships, hobbies and interests to these platforms as well as most other websites and apps we use. They track and store our data in groups (audiences) that anyone can access and use to advertise too.

The potential is vast.

How we help you

We audit, create and manage campaigns for clients and provide insights, suggestions and results as frequently as required. 

We help understand personas, triggers, hooks and optimal placements to achieve the very best outcomes.

Testing is paramount and smart clients recognise this and are bold and creative with our guidance.

If you know your ideal audience, how to talk to them and have something they want or need then social advertising is a remarkable strategy to leverage, measure and grow your business and brand.


You needn’t focus or be concerned about CPCs, CPMs, CTRs etc. because we remove the effort and talk to you about outcomes related to your business objectives by harnessing the power of data gathered by these social media giants. We do this using campaign level insights and broader monthly reporting (image 1).

So whether you’re looking for more traffic, leads, online sales, bookings or awareness, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, LinkedIn and Tik Tok ads all deliver results. Lets’ chat.