Search Engine Optimisation

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is in its simplest form the process of making changes to your website to appeal more to search engines like Google so as to attract more organic traffic (users). This is done using a combination of methods as described below with the aim to get your website found on search engines for relevant search terms related to your business.

On-Site / On-Page SEO

This is typically the first step in the SEO process which acts almost as the foundation to all later work and is vital to ensuring search engines like Google are able to crawl and index your website so that it ‘ranks’ higher in the search engine results page (SERPs).

The process involves a variety of updates to internal links, titles and descriptions (meta tags), header tags and also website copy (content).

It’s important that the website copy is optimised for search engines, reads well and is highly relevant to your business / ideal client.

Off-Site / Off-Page SEO

For us, this is the stage that supercharges your SEO success and organic search engine ranking.

We create content and build high authority links to other websites so your own website is deemed an authority by search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Although ‘link building’ is a key part of the process to ensure you rank higher than your competitors, creating optimised and relevant content that drives traffic to your website is extremely important and why we include an SEO content strategy as part of our SEO organic service.

Technical SEO

The technical aspects of SEO are often overlooked but ‘getting under the bonnet’ is essential to give your business a competitive advantage.

By focusing on elements such as site map, schema markup, page load speeds, broken links etc we can improve a website’s performance which search engine algorithms like and generally this creates a better browsing experience for your website visitors.

Local SEO

Being ‘vocal local’ (being found locally) is essential for many types of businesses. Our service includes optimisation of Google Business Profile, optimising content on your website for local terms, updating / creating key citations and reputation management.

Proving Value (Reporting)

You only have to ‘Google’ the word ‘SEO’ and you will read articles stating ‘SEO is dead’ and other such ‘opinion’ based nonsense. 

Our view on this is simple – Do you see value in your website being found on Google for products and services people want and you provide?

Enough said, right!

Anyhow, that alone is not enough so we like to show clients the progress and value of our services. We do this for SEO by providing 2 types of reports.

Organic SEO Report

Organic SEO Report

SEO generally can take time to have an impact so it’s important that we provide progress updates each month on your specific campaign. We do this using reports that simply detail the position you started, where your website ranks now and how much that has increased or decreased over the time.

Local SEO Report

Local SEO Report

Our local SEO reports are designed to provide clarity on your local search performance using a ‘traffic light’ system on a grid location to your head office or multiple locations.

Making it clear to see progress and the position you currently rank for in that location.

What makes us different?

We carry out research first to be sure that the search terms (keywords) we rank you for are realistically achievable and most importantly have search volume (i.e. people searching for that term each month) – what’s the point of being on page one of Google otherwise hey!

Our SEO service includes elements of our content services and can be supercharged even further using PPC search advertising or social advertising for a cohesive digital marketing strategy to generate additional growth and awareness.