PPC Search Advertising

What is PPC Search Advertising?

Pay Per Click or Search advertising is known also as Google Ads or Paid Media but search advertising also includes Bing and Yahoo as well as Google.

PPC has evolved massively over the past few years to include remarketing and display advertising not purely keyword driven ads. This is good news for advertisers.

How we help you

We will audit, create and manage your advertising campaigns to ensure optimal results. Carrying out keyword research and designing ads and campaigns to be as effective as possible. 

To start we need to work with you to understand the customer journey and the tangible metrics for success so as to define a clear and measurable PPC search advertising strategy that is able to deliver the best return within budget.

Our PPC search advertising services support clients with a Google Merchant centre and Google Shopping (product) feeds We ensure your Google Analytics is configured correctly to capture vital business goals. We then configure Google Looker Studio (previously called Data Studio) to report on key goals aligned to your own business objectives and requirements which is essential to proving value and how this supports your businesses growth.

We support clients to identify realistically competitive keyword terms that deliver results while maximising budgets. Doing this wrong can be costly. Time, optimisation and careful management of ad campaigns is imperative for success. PPC search advertising is effective alone and alongside a social media advertising strategy using social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to accelerate growth and target based on behaviour, interests and other factors outside of search.