How Do I Write Good Copy?

Writing Good Copy


How Do I Write Good Copy?

Copywriters spend years learning how to master the art of good copy using in-depth research, psychology and testing. Good copy is an essential part of any marketing strategy – it generally is the winning element to your sales funnel.

But, what does ‘good’ copy involve?

Copy is written material seen by the consumer. Copywriters aim to write text that persuades and sells your offering to your clients. The significant difference between ‘good’ copy and ‘not-so-good’ is finding the correct tone of voice that forms a relationship with your target audience. 

What can good copy do for your business?

When you use language and terminology that connects with your clients, you instantly form a bond. Your clients will relate to your offering and trust your business. They will follow your social accounts, sign up for your emails, and visit your website. Once they connect with you and see you as more personable, they are more likely to be loyal customers and, therefore, repeatedly purchase your goods or services, and recommend your business to like-minded others.

Ad Copy

To catch your customers’ attention, you need punchy copy that hooks them in a matter of milliseconds. Facebook has stated that on their News Feed, people spend, on average, 1.7 seconds with a piece of content on mobile compared to 2.5 seconds on desktop. Creative, easy-to-read and concise ad copy will guarantee to get you clicks. Testing is also vital here; even the most minor changes to your copy can considerably impact the click-through rate. 

Website Content

One of your main aims is likely is to drive traffic to your website. 

Compelling webpage copy can be winning the formula in your marketing strategy. Creativity has no limits. Here, you can use a range of short-form and long-form copy to win over your clients, providing them with informative content and targeting their pain points, transforming your site visitors into prospective clients. 

Email Marketing and Newsletters

Your clients have signed up to your emails because they want to read what you have to say – it’s the perfect opportunity to ‘woo’ them and provide them with informative content and your latest news. Your copy needs to be a combination of informative and personal; you want to deliver value but also engage with your audience.

Your subject line determines whether your clients choose to open your email. Tip: short and catchy work best. Most servers won’t display the whole line. You want them to entice them, grab their attention and lead them back to your offering on your website.

Blogs and SEO Purposes 

Not only can your copy persuade your customers, but using the right keywords and terms increases your brands’ visibility. When used correctly, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) will rank your business higher on Google. Utilise SEO in your website content, especially in your blogs and, more recently, in your social media bios and posts.

Did you know? SEO drives 1000%+ more traffic than organic social media. 

What’s your strategy to create effective copy that sells?

At Big Voice, we use copywriters and content creators to create unique copy for your business that persuades your potential clients that you’re the best around.

We’ll help you strategically identify your specific target audience – because those core customers are the key to unlocking your business’ potential. Using a combination of social media for business ads and marketing, we’ll position your brand and deliver its unique message to your demographic. Backed by our expertise, you’ll reach new and relevant consumers while retaining the loyalty of your brand’s devoted fans.