How can I get my business found on Google?

How can I get my business found on Google?

How can I get my business found on Google and Bing?

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OK back to the ‘How’…

We get this question quite a bit or variations of it.

Often its from business owners realising the need to be found online, they often recognise that most searches for products and services start online, so being visible online is essential for their own success but they don’t know what to do and how to do it.

Some might carry out random searches, watch YouTube videos and attempt DIY hacks to improve their own rankings to only then get despondent with the slow or lack of results and even more so the return they get by way of increased purchases, calls, emails or even traffic.

So how can you rank locally and nationally on Google?

In truth it takes research, content, technical updates to your website and to build relationships with other websites to name a few things.

Lets break down each step as simply as we can…


Its imperative to first understand WHAT you want to be found for and then research ‘search terms’ (keywords) that are relevant and most importantly HAVE search volume.

For example – having a website that sells ‘sustainable tartan socks’ might be super niche and relevant for your website

But if the research tells us that monthly searches on Google and Bing for ‘sustainable tartan socks’ are less that 10 searches per month…

…Is it viable to be ranked for that search term OR sheer vanity?

So its important that locally and nationally there is a healthy search volume.

Next, you need to consider, the competition or the competitiveness of the ‘search term’.

So, for example – if your website sells ‘mortgage services’

Again this might be highly relevant for your website

But if the research identifies that the monthly searches on Google and Bing for ‘mortgage services’ has thousands of searches daily

Then chances are it’s going to be super competitive and you will need huge budgets and time to compete.

Therefore it would make sense to look at alternative longer search terms like ‘mortgage services in [enter local area]’ as long as it had search volume.


Content plays a really strong part because its the content on your website and within your blog that will help be specific with search terms we want to be found for.

For example if we use the ‘mortgage services’

It might be a good strategy to create and build content throughout the website that focused on specific services or elements of a service.

For example we might decide to create a blog on ‘mortgage services for first time buyers in [enter locality].

But again, we only do this if…

[waiting for you to fill in the blanks]…

…that search term has search volume and is low competition or at least realistically in reach.

Technical Website Updates

We tend to start with this part first…(would have probably made sense to mention it first then [doh!])

OK so in short the reason we do this bit first is because its the foundation for everything else we do.

We need relevant content on the website and that structure of the website needs to focus on the primary search terms you want to be found for.

This process includes linking internally, updating meta keywords, meta descriptions, title tags and optimising content

As well as more technical elements such as schema markup.

We do this so search engines like Google can crawl and index your site easily.

This step is key and not to be missed.

Building Relationships With Other Websites

This is generally know as link building but be warned – it’s plagued with ‘dodgy’ websites and services and freelancers offering fast results using links to major sites that ultimately ruin your website ranking.

Golden rule – AVOID those people at all costs.
You get what you pay for.

So the process of link building is valuable when done well.

In its simplest form, search engines like your website if its popular.

To get popular you need to have lots of mates or a big network of associates.

Link building is kind of that.

The more other sites link to your website the more popular your website is.

It’s also worth noting that if you have ‘important’ or ‘VIP’ mates then Google will like you more.

Websites are measured by their authority so having a high authority website link to your website is good as long as its relevant.

Anyway, hopefully this has been of help to some business owners out there…

…and its answers their question ‘How can I get my business found on Google?’

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