Our Clients

Ron Overton

Great to work with and a quality high calibre service

Choosing Kevin Sparks and Big Voice Limited as our outsource marketing manager has been a great decision. Big Voice provide’s a professional and tailored service around our email newsletters, Facebook Ads, Social Media and more.

Kevin really understands the charity and works wonderfully well as an extended team member. Great to work with and a quality high calibre service.

– Ron Overton, Chief Executive, Transitions UK (charity reg no. 1160105)

Victoria Beale

12 Leads in 4 Days For Less Than £30!

As a business that’s core proposition was supporting SME’s with full event marketing, sales and production the impact of COVID-19 hit our capability to deliver events and our services as it did many other businesses. So we had to adapt to the new circumstances and look at new ways generate leads and cash-flow.

We partnered with Big Voice Ltd to help us source new leads through Facebook Advertising for future events and offers we had developed.

Within the first 4 days of the ads going live we had 12 leads at a staggering £2.39 per lead meaning we only spent £28 to get 12 leads!

This immediately gave us confidence to scale the campaigns with some amazing results.

During the whole process we have found the team at Big Voice responsive and professional and now use their social media marketing for all the Business Live UK social media channels.

– Victoria Beale, CEO & Founding Director, Business Live UK

Gary Mears

Getting Leads from FB Ads for £13 on Average Works For Us!

We started working with Big Voice mainly because FB Ads was not something we had tried and previously as a business we had had mixed results from Google Ads. Plus other forms of marketing like ads in local magazines, papers and creating our own leaflets had failed to deliver consistent and measurable results.

Initially our leads from FB Ads weren’t great but we worked with Big Voice to refine audiences and improve tracking and started getting weekly leads.

On average our leads were coming in at around £13 per lead for various ad types and being an IT services company, the ROI would vary depending on whether this was a direct sale/end user or a business. Like all leads some need a little more nurturing than others but as a process this works for us.

We would highly recommend the guys at Big Voice if you are looking to scale new routes to generate leads and sales.

– Gary Mears, Director at Counter-Act Systems Ltd

Alex Cousens

Successfully and consistently raised the profile of the gallery

Masterpiece Art Ltd have been working with Kevin Sparks, Director of Big Voice, since January 2020. Kevin has successfully and consistently raised the profile of the gallery through his rigorous understanding and knowledge of various social media platforms, as well as an admirable adaptability for alternative sectors such as the fine art market.

The attention to detail and personal service provided has been entirely to our satisfaction and we look forward to continuing our working relationship for the foreseeable future.

– Alex Cousens, Executive Gallery Manager, Masterpiece Art Ltd

Eamon Kennedy

A Fresh New Approach Delivered Leads

Historically Chartered Surveyors and Property Consultants come from a very traditional sector and most forms of marketing come from PR and referrals within our own network.

However as a business we wanted to explore alternative routes to market and started working with Big Voice Ltd for paid advertising across social media platforms outside of LinkedIn.

As a business we are multi-faceted in the services we provide but leads generated for the agency side of our business in particular yielded some good results. We regularly received leads around £15 – £20 per lead which given the potential life-time value we could achieve from just one of these reassured us this was a worthwhile route to explore for a business like ours.

– Eamon Kennedy, Partner – Head of Commercial Agency (Group), Kirkby Diamond

Neil Patey Smith

We Increased Our Presence Within Our Local Market Using Big Voice

Big Voice helped us target specific leads and customers in our local area in the UK. We sell products online but also provide a design and fitting service, so it was important for us to target the right type of person to maintain a good conversion rate when they came to our online shop or offline showroom.

We had to test various audiences first but that gave us certainty our ad spend wouldn’t be wasted on window shoppers.

From a social media perspective our social channels increased to a few thousand followers in a just a few months and have remained as followers reassuring us these are real people and not some marketing hack. That was important to us as bathrooms aren’t bought regularly so referrals are important to us and a loyal following helped.

– Neil Patey-Smith, Managing Director at Maxitile Ltd