About Us

Big Voice is a trusted digital marketing and social media advertising agency based in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire. We help ambitious businesses achieve growth by educating them on the best practices to find the most relevant people that are interested in their products or services. So as they benefit from a measurable return without feeling over worked or overwhelmed.

We are a small remote team that specialises in social and search advertising (Facebook, Google ads etc), search engine optimisation, social media management and various content services from copywriting to graphic design.

We are not restricted to working with clients in specific sectors and therefore have proudly worked with businesses in many sectors including (but not limited to) Property, Leisure & Hospitality, Technology, Art & Cultures, Non-Profit, Retail/Ecommerce, Manufacturing, Construction, Health & Wellness, and Food & Beverage.

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We may not be a big name but we’ll give your business a Big Voice. Your campaigns will communicate louder and more clearly than your competitors’. You’ll benefit from optimum exposure and audience engagement plus a real measurable return and we don’t just mean likes, followers and traffic – we mean growth, sales, leads, increased bookings and enquires – the stuff that makes money not just ‘fluff’.

Our powerful social media ads (paid media) and marketing strategies grow brand awareness, build trust, and relationships which generally lead to more enquires and ultimately revenue. You’ll reach new customers, potential hires, willing volunteers etc within your target market and see your growth skyrocket. Goals = Achieved.

Our Inspiration

Our founder, Kev, recognised that marketing support has always been a flawed system. Hiring marketing managers can be costly and finding reliable and competent freelancers is challenging. Big Voice was established as a trusted and reliable solution to that very problem.

We are also dedicated to ‘doing our bit’ for the planet and believe that digital market is in fact sustainable marketing. This is why albeit a small contribution Big Voice is fully committed to digital and being a fully remote team.


Going digital, stops leaflets and flyers being printed and distributed for them only to be binned. It prevents posters, banners and other marketing merchandised being used once and then discarded and ending up in landfill.


Being a remote team not only makes us more productive but we reduce emissions, save on fuel consumption and avoid traffic delays by not commuting to and from an office. We are also not limited by location so we can work with the best talent nationally so as to give the best service to you and your business.


That said, we often meet clients in person at their offices or in shared working spaces when required.

Big Voice Kevin Sparks

Our Promise

To always work with complete integrity and with a client and customer focused approach. Without trust, relationships fail personally and professionally. Honesty and morality are core throughout everything we do, say and think.

To always aim too ‘be better‘ and deliver only valuable advertising and marketing services. Continually learning and developing as individuals, a team and as a company to be our very best.

To passionately collaborate with clients, their teams and partners to produce the very best outcomes possible.

To strive to always ‘prove value‘. Proving the value and the results we provide is intrinsically connected to receiving recognition from our clients and what they think of us so its vital we do this well

Now, it’s your time to be seen and heard. Perhaps you feel that quality leads are out of reach? Maybe greater exposure would make the difference between stress and success? Could a digital marketing agency like Big Voice be the answer?

If you are committed to business growth and working with a trusted digital marketing and advertising agency then please contact us.

We look forward to giving your business a Big Voice.